Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Addison's Birthday Party

It's so hard to believe Addison is 1 year already! We just had a small-ish birthday party at our house for her. She LOVED seeing all the kids and being the center of attention!

These are the cakes I made...took about 12 hours!

And the aftermath...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We were in Maui February 18th-28th. It was wonderful! I can definitely see why people keep coming back to this island. There are so many options for what to do! And it is still not very developed, unlike Oahu, where Greg and I went 3 years ago. While we were there, we drove down south past Wailea to the lava fields, up north to the Blowholes, to the East, and drove part of the Hana Highway. We stopped at many beaches and saw lots of whales (one waiter we had commented that "they're like rats here!"). Greg and my parents went snorkelling with the turtles while Addison and I played on the beach. It was an amazing trip!

Yep...eating sand.

This was at a nice little beach at the side of the road, it was great cause you could pull the car right up to it, and there were trees everywhere for shade.

Lava flow beach in South Maui