Monday, August 25, 2008

Addison is 6 months!

Lately Addison seems hungry even more than usual, so I decided to try feeding her some solid food. I had been planning on waiting a bit longer since her corrected age is really only 4 months, but I figured it can't hurt, so she had her first taste of rice cereal. She seemed to know what to do, and swallowed some. Hopefully this will keep her full for longer!

Now this is the kind of outfit children will hate their parents for putting on them...might as well take advantage while we can, right?

Here is a cute video of Addison laughing! (please ignore my voice though)


We have been on a few boat trips this summer with my parents, and of course, Mia. We even have a little life jacket for Addison. The problem with taking Mia though, is that sometimes we can't find an empty beach to anchor at, so she can't go potty! My dad got the idea of trying to get her to swim to shore, but we didn't want to lose her, so he tied a long rope to her life jacket (yes, life jacket! Courtesy of my mom) Mia didn't quite get what she was supposed to do though, and just swam in a circle and came back.