Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Camping in Penticton

Every year, we go camping in Penticton on Skaha Lake, where some friends of my parents have their trailer parked all year, right on the water. We had really looked forward to this all summer, thinking that it would be nice hot weather, like it usually is every year. Not the case! We had one day of warm weather out of 4 days. And the nights were so cold! We stayed in a tent, but I had Addison completely bundled up. She was very warm and slept better than the rest of us! We had a few crying sessions, and Greg and I had to drive up and down the hills there to calm her down...which mostly worked. This is the problem with camping in a tent with a baby...nowhere to go. Overall it was a good trip though!
A thrilled Uncle Craig

Auntie Lisa

Having a bath in the toy bin!